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Spanish Syllabus - Espaol 102 Universidad de Nuevo Mxico...

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Universidad de Nuevo México Departamento de Español y Portugués Programa de Español como Segunda Lengua Primavera 2008 Instructor: Pablo José López Oro Email: Oficina: Ortega Hall, Room 411 Horario de Oficina: Lunes y Miércoles desde las 2 hasta las 4 de la tarde ó por cita. Teléfono de Oficina: 505-277-3721 Course Webpage: Instructor’s Webpage: GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Course Description and Objective : Spanish 102 is the second semester course in the four- semester Spanish as a Second Language series. It is designed to introduce you to the Spanish language and the many facets of Latino culture, and to develop all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In this course you will develop your ability to communicate satisfactorily in Spanish in everyday practical situations and you will acquire some of the skills necessary for effective reading and writing in Spanish. The course is taught in Spanish and requires regular classroom participation and approximately two hours of outside preparation (listening, writing, reading, and grammar study) for every hour of class. 2. Placement Test : The Placement Test determines the proficiency level for each student, either for enrollment in the Spanish as a Heritage Language or the Spanish as a Second Language Programs. This test is mandatory for every student enrolling in a Spanish course for the first time at UNM. Additionally, students that have not taken a Spanish course since Fall 2006 or before will be required to take a proficiency test again to verify that they are still at the appropriate level. If you have transferred from another institution and took the equivalent to Spanish 101, please take a copy of your transcript to Kate Merrill in the Spanish & Portuguese Department office (Ortega Hall 235) and you will be issued an orange card, which you will give to the instructor. Orange cards will be collected by the instructor on the first day of classes. Students that do not bring an orange card to the instructor by the beginning of the second week WILL BE DROPPED from the course. 3. Required Texts : Vistas (It includes a CD-ROM, multimedia CD, and pocket dictionary). 3 rd ed. By Blanco and Donley (2008). Vistas 3/e Supersite online at (Maestro Textbook and Web-SAM). For this course you will need to set up an account online. The information you need to do so is enclosed in your book package. If you have problems with Maestro contact Maestro Support: Full-size bilingual Spanish-English dictionary . Look for a dictionary that contains translations with usage in different contexts. 4.
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course SPAN 102 taught by Professor Oro during the Spring '08 term at New Mexico.

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Spanish Syllabus - Espaol 102 Universidad de Nuevo Mxico...

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