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1 PHYS2002 – Spring2009 – Practice Exam 2 Constants Name:_________________ m/s 10 3 c m/A T 10 4 m N / C 10 85 . 8 C 10 602 . 1 C 10 602 . 1 kg 10 11 . 9 kg 10 67 . 1 8 7 2 2 12 o 19 19 31 27 × = × = × = × = × + = × = × = π μ ε o e p e p q q m m The Electromagnetic Spectrum Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet 700 nm 640 nm 575 nm 540 nm 480 nm 400 nm Visible Spectrum Wavelength
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2 1. A long straight wire is held fixed and carries a current I as shown. A rectangular conducting loop is sitting to the left of the wire and is free to move. If the current in the wire is decreased to zero, what happens? a) The loop moves up. b) The loop moves down. c) The loop moves left. d) The loop moves right. e) The loop does not move. 2. The three loops of wire shown in the figure all hang in a region of space where a uniform magnetic field exists everywhere out of the page. Loop 1 swings back and forth like the bob on a pendulum, loop 2 rotates about a vertical axis, and loop 3 oscillates up and down on a spring. An induced current will flow around which loop or loops? a) Loop 1 only. b) Loop 2 only. c) Loops 1 and 2. d) Loops 1 and 3. e) All three loops. 3. Which of the following statements is true? a) EM waves are transverse waves. b) Stationary charges produce electromagnetic radiation. c) If the magnitude of the electric field in an EM wave increases, then the magnitude of the magnetic field must decrease by the same amount. d)
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Practice_Exam_2 - PHYS2002 Spring2009 Practice Exam 2(Ch 21...

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