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F09 Exam+1_part1_solution - The University of Michigan EECS...

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1 The University of Michigan EECS 183: Elem. Programming Concepts Fall 2009 Exam 1: Part 1 Professor ML Dorf Wednesday October 7, 2009 6:00 to 7:30 pm Max: 96 points Instructions Part 1 of the exam consists of twenty five multi-choice questions worth 4 points each. Please keep this in mind as you work The exam is closed book . No books, notes or the like may be used. No computers, calculators, PDAs, cell phones or other electronic devices may be used The exam is closed neighbor. No 'partner' on this -- only on projects Some questions are not simple, therefore, read carefully Assume all code and code fragments compile, unless otherwise specified. Assume/use only the standard ISO/ANSI C++. Within the following questions, the term valid means: code uses standard ISO/ANSI C++, code is explicit on all typing, i.e., does not make use of default settings. This course operates under the rules of the College of Engineering Honor Code. Your signature endorses the pledge below. After you finish your exam, sign your scantron sheet to indicate the statement below I have neither given nor received aid on this examination, nor have I concealed any violations of the Honor Code.
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2 (25 questions * 4 points per question = 100 points possible) MAX points will be 96 1. Which of the following code fragments will not compile: a) double x = 1000; b) double x = 1000.0; c) double x = 1000.; *d) double x = 1,000; 2. What does the following code print? double x = 19.0 / 5 - 5 / 2; cout << x; a) -0.6 b) -1 c) 1 *d) 1.8 e) the above code causes a division by zero error 3. What does the C++ expression 3 / 2 + 5 % 2 evaluate to? *a) 2
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F09 Exam+1_part1_solution - The University of Michigan EECS...

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