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CSULB Instructor: Dr. George M. Scott ANTHROPOLOGY 120 Quiz (10S) Study Guide To prepare for the Quiz (Thursday, 02/16), you should use the appropriate course materials (books and lecture notes) in order to understand the following items. There will be 10 multiple-choice questions taken from these 20 items and will be worth two points each. Note that when an item has been presented in both the text and in a lecture, you should focus on how it is discussed in the category under which it appears below. Also, note that the items are intended to serve as guides to help you to study for the exam; they are not necessarily the direct questions or answers. Be sure to study the entire contexts of these items in the books and your lecture notes. For your answers, please use Scantron Form #882E. KOTTAK—Four Questions in All Chapter 1 1. Holism 2. Adaptation 3. General Anthropology Chapter 2 4. Symbols 5. Subcultures 6. Intellectual Property Rights Chapter 3 7. Participant Observation 8.
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Unformatted text preview: Genealogical Method GAMBURDOne Question in All Introduction 9. The Method Used by the Author Illustrate Her Points about Agency, Power, Identity, Resistance, and Social Change Chapter 3 10. The Reason Why the Villagers Used Money Lenders to Cover Migration Fees PETERS-GOLDENOne Questions in All Chapter 1 11. The Effects of Money and Wage Labor on Azande Culture Chapter 3 12. Why the Basseri Have Not Exploited the Potential of Unused Pasture LECTURESFour Questions in All Topic 1 13. The Sub-Disciplines of Anthropology 14. The Anthropological Epistemologies Film Clip: The Goddess and the Computer 15. The Use of Ducks in Balinese Rice Fields Topic 2 16. The Biological Capacity for Culture Film Clip: Trobriand Cricket 17. Into What Was Cricket Transformed by the Trobriand Islanders? Topic 3 18. Bronislaw Malinowski 19. Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Methods 20. Fieldwork in a Foreign Setting vs. in a Familiar Setting...
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