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120.S10.specassign - apparatus What are the pros and cons...

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CSULB Spring Semester, 2010 Instructor: Dr. George M. Scott Section 8: TTh: 2:00-3:15; LA1-302 Section 12: TTh: 12:30-1:45; LA5-165 Section 13: TTh: 11:00-12:15; LA5-165 ANTHROPOLOGY 120 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT Do you watch television programs mostly on a television set, on a computer, or on some other portable
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Unformatted text preview: apparatus? What are the pros and cons of watching shows on a television set compared with any other device(s) you use? What changes to the U.S. culture and economy would you predict occurring with increasing use of computers and other alternatives to television sets?...
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