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Unformatted text preview: Consumer Laws Consumer Laws Informed or Uninformed Informed or Uninformed Consumers: a. b. c. Who pays for products ? Who receives lower quality products? Who has more unsafe products? What do Laws Do? What do Laws Do? a. b. Serve to protect consumers (laws) Help consumers remedy marketplace wrongs Telemarketing Telemarketing a. Can be deceptive and abusive b. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) & Federal Trade Commission (FTC) impose national regulations to help control telemarketing c. State attorneys can prosecute fraudulent telemarketers Continued… Continued… d. “Do Not Call” Registry ­www.donotcall.gov or 1­888­383­1222 ­Register land line or mobile phone numbers ­Free & good for 5 years or upon moving ­Telemarketers must display Caller­ID information Continued… Continued… ­Telemarketers can only call between 8am­ 9pm 900 (Pay Per Call Services) # FCC 900 (Pay Per Call Services) # FCC Regulations Federal Communications Commission allows for those wanting 900 numbers blocked to do so (this means 900 numbers cannot be called from that phone number) Slamming Slamming Illegal practice of switching consumers’ long­ distance telephone company without their permission Unordered Merchandise­ U.S. Unordered Merchandise­ U.S. Postal Service a. b. If you receive merchandise in the mail you did not order, you may consider it a gift ­ not legally obligated to pay for it or return it If it is a legitimate shipping error­ you should call and have them pay all costs COD (Cash on Delivery) & Postal COD (Cash on Delivery) & Postal Services a. b. May pay with a check made out to the seller instead of to Postal Services Allows you to stop payment if dissatisfied Door­to­Door Sales­ Cooling Off Door­to­Door Sales­ Cooling Off Period a. b. c. d. Hard to ask someone to leave your home (vs. walking out of a store) No place of business­ you are at high risk of being cheated No place to complain Truth­in­Lending Law Continued…. Continued…. Cooling­off period­ time period in which consumer can change his or her mind about purchase of product or contract ($25 or more) Bumping Bumping a. b. c. Denied boarding on planes because of over­booking Most flights overbook by 20% regularly (due to no­shows) Airline required to seek volunteers in return for compensation Bumping continued… Bumping continued… d. If more need to be bumped, usually it is the last one on that gets bumped­ eligible for denied boarding compensation, amount depends on the price of the ticket and the length of the delay e. Department of Transportation has rules Continued… Continued… Not entitled to reimbursement when airline is able to get you to your destination within one hour of scheduled arrival time 1­2 hours late (4 hours on international flights)­ airline must pay you amount equal to your one­way fare, up to $200 Continued… Continued… More than 2 hrs. – airline must pay you twice the amt. of the value of the one–way ticket, up to $400 Usually will put you on the next flight ­ get a confirmed seat Many airlines provide cash or vouchers for food and misc. expenses ­ have to ask for them ...
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