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Starting a Business - bought it at a dollar store and put...

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Gabriel Neiva MGMT 3170-001 Neiva Recycle Company Summary Report Value Proposition My idea came when I saw a recycle company offering money for bottles of water and soda cans. So I bought a trash can and made a print to fit the front of the trash can with a recycle sign so people came and drop their used bottle or can inside the trash can. Target Market My target market is everybody that is in the cinema, gym or a shopping mall with some plastic on their hands from bottle of water or soda aluminum cans. I started with one trash can that I
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Unformatted text preview: bought it at a dollar store and put it at a busy place. No cost to operate or to maintain. Financial Performance $1, 00 for the trash can at the dollar store. 30 cents for each pound of plastic or aluminum can. Profit: $2, 70 with 9 pounds of plastic and aluminum cans. No price on the product. Total Hours Worked I worked about 2 hours from developing and working....
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