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The E Myth Book Report - Gabriel Neiva MGMT 3170-001...

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Gabriel Neiva MGMT 3170-001 Entrepreneurship The E-Myth The E-Myth is a book that teaches you about what the world of business is. Sure, you already heard from a friend that he wakes up at 5 AM and works until 10 PM, that he does not have any vacation, or at least have met someone in a similar situation. As much as we imagine the owners of companies such visionary entrepreneurs in real life is not so. Is what says Michel Gerber, author of "The E-Myth". The statistics show: in U.S., the absolute majority of business closes its doors before reaching their first birthday. Why? It is this myth of the entrepreneur. It is a Myth because most of those who open a business are technicians, not entrepreneurs. John is a great computer programmer for example, causes the computer to talk, one day, tired of the leader, he opened a software company. Jennifer is an outstanding cooker one day she opened a restaurant. It is here where I could find the most important lesson: be very good at something does not mean you will be very good at setting up a business that makes such activity. The fact that John is a brilliant programmer does not mean that he will be a successful entrepreneur. A company needs three characters to grow. The first is the entrepreneur, who lives in the
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The E Myth Book Report - Gabriel Neiva MGMT 3170-001...

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