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Week 2 Day 5 - up waste land So humans are willing to...

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When it comes to the debate on can humans harvesting natural resources or leaving the ecosystem the way it is now, the answer to me is very simple. Over the years humans have tried time after time to harvest resources in an environmentally safe way, and every time something goes wrong. There is just no way to predict future mishaps that are going to occur. The only way to totally prevent this is to leave the ecosystem the exact way it is now. If we are allowed to go in and drill for fuel what will truly happen? It is only a short term answer. Sooner or later that area will run out of fuel and then all that is left is a used
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Unformatted text preview: up waste land. So humans are willing to destroy our natural resources in order to, not help the future, but to help themselves at this moment. To do this, to me, is one of the most selfish things I have ever seen or heard. These people want a break from the horrible world of high priced fuel from the foreign countries, that, in my opinion, they caused. Destroying something that cannot be replaced is not the answer to the problem, but is only creating a worse situation....
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