Week 8 Day 5 - scale. Having certain sections of the world,...

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The video discusses three forms of alternative renewable energy sources. The first source that is discussed is wind power. Wind is used to turn giant windmills that feed energy into generators. This energy can be stored for later use. The second source discussed was solar power. Solar power is used by storing energy, directly from the sun, into power cells. The cells must have direct access to sunlight to be effective, but if used correctly will obtain large amounts of energy from the sun. The last source discussed was biomass. This process is achieved by using wood chips, straw, and other materials left behind by farmers to produce energy. The main issue, with trying to achieve success, using any of these sources is it must be done on a worldwide
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Unformatted text preview: scale. Having certain sections of the world, trying to make a difference by, using these sources will not have the desired effect if just as many, or more, people are not helping with the process. One renewable energy source, that was not discussed, is hydropower. This is the process of using water to produce energy. We can use the force that water creates to produce power. A problem with this source is that it requires some kind of lake, or reservoir, to build a damn to be able to create the energy. Three challenges with managing nonrenewable resources are being able to control the use of them so they will not be used up, the cost of producing energy from these sources, and regulating the harvesting of the source....
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