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dabru emet - differently to form two different religions In...

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Fatima Elzin Jean Pierre M. Ruiz Theology 1050C 25 April 2010 Dabru Emet and a Sacred Obligation In the past, Christians have placed a bad connotation on the Jewish faith. But throughout time, many Christians have come to realize some of the mistakes or wrongdoings they have afflicted the Jews with. Currently, many Christians try to honor Judaism and have made the relation between Jews and Christians more evident. In “Dabru Emet”, the easiest statement to understand has to be “Jews and Christians worship the same God.” Personally, I am aware that the three major religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) all worship the same God, no matter what they call Him. The hardest statement to fully comprehend is “The human irreconcilable difference between Jews and Christians will not be settled until God redeems the entire world as promised in Scripture.” I don’t understand, how although both religions use the same book, they can interpret it so
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Unformatted text preview: differently to form two different religions. In “A Sacred Obligation”, the easiest statement to comprehend is “Christian’s should work with Jews for the healing of the world.” Because Jews and Christians have many things in common religiously, it makes perfect sense to put their power together in order to help humanity. The hardest statement to understand is “Christian worship that teaches contempt for Judaism dishonors God.” In the description, it states that the New Testament contains passages that have created negative attitudes toward the Jews and asks church leaders to remove these distorted images of Judaism from prayers and such. To me, that doesn’t make much sense, because if that is what is in the Bible it must be, or at least should be the truth and removing certain parts to satisfy others shouldn’t be done....
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