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Elzin 1 Fatima Elzin Tara Roeder English 1000C 25 April 2010 A Writer’s Best Friend: The Thesaurus Thesaurus: a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms; simple enough to understand, right? But this uncomplicated book can work wonders on any paper, from adding “spice” and “swag” to boosting your grade from a B to an A. Now, thanks to technology, you don’t even have
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Unformatted text preview: to flip through a dusty book looking for a new word that could improve your writing and your paper. So, stop being lazy, and use a thesaurus! It can be your best friend; it’ll be there for you when you need to stop using the same word over and over again, and ultimately it’ll be your support system…for your paper at least....
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