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Elzin 1 Fatima Elzin Tara Roeder English Composition 25 April 2010 Women in Islam Oppressed, low self-esteem, and cruel- three notorious terms that have been associated with a Muslim woman. When presented with the image of a woman fully covering herself, including her hair and sometimes her face, many assume that she must be subjugated to some type of cruel treatment. Fortunately, this is not the case; women in Islam are given many rights. Although many cultures may in fact oppress women, we should be aware that culture and religion are two different areas. Not only does Islam give women many rights, but in 7 th century Arabia it provided rights that many other women did not have. The media is a very influential aspect in the way people perceive or judge others. Many times, the media portrays things very differently from what they actually are, and I feel that Muslim women are constantly being given a negative connotation. Most magazines show women naked, half dressed, or covered in makeup and other falsehoods, but a woman who is covered and modest is dressed is seen as oppressed? Personally, I believe the truly oppressed women are those who are subjected to the idea that beauty means dressing in provocative ways or exposing themselves. Islam reflects the idea of viewing women as a “rare jewel.” Women should not be exposed for the entire world to see, but their beauty should be preserved, just as you would take care of a “rare jewel.” There are many falsehoods present in the issue of women in Islam. For example, many believe that women are forced into polygamous marriages and female genital
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Elzin 2 mutilation; none of these practices are Islamic at all. Anyone wishing to understand Islam must first separate the religion from the cultural norms and style of a society (Maqsood). Female genital mutilation is a cultural practice done in many countries in Africa, but
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Research Paper - Elzin 1 Fatima Elzin Tara Roeder English...

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