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research to paper #3 - Craig Humans have reason Think...

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Craig - Humans have reason - Think beyond instinct - Why act morally if there is no God - 1. If God does not exist, then objective moral values do not exist. 2. Evil exists. 3. Therefore, objective moral values exist. 4. Therefore, God exists. - We can recognize objective moral values without God. But what we cannot do, I think, is consistently hold that human beings retain objective moral value in the absence of God. - Simply because you can recognize moral values without belief in God, you cannot infer from this that therefore objective moral values can exist without God. So I would say that we have fundamental moral intuitions. In fact, the Bible says that God has planted these on the heart of every human person so that we intuitively recognize objective moral values. These values are rooted ontologically in the being and nature of God himself. - Without God, there is no absolute good which imposes itself on our conscience. - I don’t see any reason to think that, in the absence of God, human beings would have objective moral value. After all, if there is no God, what is so special about human beings? They’re just accidental by-products of nature, which have evolved relatively recently on in infinitesimal speck of dust, lost somewhere in the heart of a hostile and mindless universe, and are doomed to perish individually and collectively in a relatively short time.
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research to paper #3 - Craig Humans have reason Think...

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