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take home test #2- final

take home test #2- final - Abortion is a topic that has...

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Abortion is a topic that has been disputed through the years, and many disputes have evolved with the many medical advances that have been introduced to the world within recent years. With the better technology that we have now, we have more information on what actually occurs during the gestational period. This new information presented to us has affected the abortion issue in many ways; some believe that it has allowed us to confirm whether or not the fetus should be considered as a life while others argue that the information has corrupted the morally and socially accepted idea that killing is wrong. Both Peter Singer and Pope John Paul II address the issues of the development of technology and its affect on the abortion issue. In Peter Singer’s Rethinking Life and Death—The Collapse of Our Traditional Ethics , he addresses that technology has allowed us to be more open and accepting of the idea of pro- choice. He argues that the traditional view can be critically challenged due to more modern times. Technology has opened up a variety of new information that allows us to understand whether or not something actually has “life”. With this transition into a more medically aware world, we can form a new “ethical code” that is more in tune with the modern advances of today. Because we have more information about the formation of a fetus than traditional times, we can change the traditional ethic of pro-life into a pro-choice situation. Singer’s Utilitarian view doesn’t really consider both sides of the abortion issue; he takes into consideration both the mother but not the fetus as a human life. The “good and evil” depends on the certain circumstance; to him it is acceptable to have an abortion if it leads to the greatest amount of pleasure for the mother. Pope John Paul II addresses the negative aspect of the advancement in technology. Although there are positive aspects to new technological developments, he believes that this has also corrupted the idea that killing a life is immoral. The Pop clearly observes that killing any
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life, including a fetus, is morally wrong and should be brought to justice. The fact that abortion (killing a life) is becoming socially acceptable and accepted by legislation is tragic. The advancement in technology has failed to honor the human life the dignity it deserves, regardless in what state it is in. Pope John Paul II makes it clear that abortion, regardless of the situation is evil and there is no good in killing a human life. He, unlike Singer, regards the fetus as a human. Personally, I believe that Singer’s argument has a more meaningful and profound idea of
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take home test #2- final - Abortion is a topic that has...

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