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Self Portrait - November 5th 2006 It was my first day as a...

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November 5 th , 2006: It was my first day as a volunteer here. I hardly knew anybody around and I feared that I may never know anybody very well. The problem was that I was only a 16 year old boy while everyone else around me was at least twice as old as me and I was never really good at befriending anybody older than me. But I decided that I had to deal with it and get along with everyone as best as I could. “Your main job is to go up and down the block and ask everyone to donate blood. I know it’s you’re first time so I’m gonna be there with you and help out.” These are the words that my supervisor, Alberto said to me as I stood outside the movie theater ready for the first hour of my volunteer work. I tried my best not to look so afraid, but truth be told, I was extremely shy and afraid of talking to random people off the street. The worst part was that I had to ask these strangers to donate blood. So I followed Alberto around the block for about ten minutes and I quickly realized I was in way over my head. “Sir, could I have a minute of your time to ask you if you can donate blood today?” “Excuse me miss, would you be interested in giving blood today?” “Hey guys, donate blood today and save a life. You get a free movie ticket if you do.” These were just a few things that Alberto said to people as we marched along the crowded street. It was midday and the area was filled with people in hopes of catching a movie before nightfall. At first I
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Self Portrait - November 5th 2006 It was my first day as a...

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