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Fatima Elzin Dear Professor, Writing my “Self- Portrait” was a fun and interesting experience. It allowed me to reflect on myself and allow others to understand an important aspect of my life- my religion. It wasn’t very difficult because I was basically writing about myself. Usually, my first drafts are basically my final drafts except for maybe a few grammatical errors. I like to write as if this is what I will be handing in and I am pretty anal with the way I write. I wasn’t very comfortable writing in a non-formal way, I am very used to not using “I” in my essays. I am also not a fan of outlines or bullet points. When I begin to write, I like putting all my ideas together. I don’t consider myself as a writer nor do I enjoy it very much. I learned that I’m a pretty
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Unformatted text preview: straight-laced writer and dont really like to expand from what Im comfortable with. Im very used to writing papers on a certain topic where I dont have much say in what I can write about. But I did enjoy this self-portrait piece. My goal of this piece is to be informative about my religion and the hijab. I feel like I tried my best to allow my audience to understand the hijab and Islam in a new, more positive aspect. Some of the strengths in my piece would be word usage; I really dislike repeating words or using simple words when I have an entire dictionary to use. My weakness would be the lack of creativity in telling my story. I would like to hope that you learned something new from this piece and I hope you enjoy it! Sincerely, Fatima Elzin...
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