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manifesto process letter

manifesto process letter - So ultimately I thought about my...

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Fatima Elzin English 1000C Process Letter Dear Tara, Writing the creative piece was somewhat difficult for me because I don’t consider myself a creative person. First I was thinking of writing a poem, but unfortunately, I definitely lack the creative skill to do so. So I decided that a manifesto would be the best idea for me. A manifesto is more like a speech, something I am pretty fond of writing about. But choosing a topic that I could write about was pretty difficult. I thought of writing about my sisters and how they can sometimes annoy me, but to me that didn’t seem like a good manifesto.
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Unformatted text preview: So ultimately I thought about my job, and how I can strongly dislike customers sometimes. This seemed like a great topic because I could vent about it. In my manifesto, I decided to emphasize words that I thought conveyed my feelings the greatest. So I put these strong words in a larger and bold font. While writing this manifesto, I did not use an outline. It was more of a piece where I could vent; whatever came to my head, I just jotted down. Ultimately, I believe the piece came out well. Hopefully, you enjoy it too. Sincerely, Fatima Elzin...
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