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3 which combination of ekin a photon striking a metal

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Unformatted text preview: Which combination of Ekin a photon striking a metal ejects an electron with the highest KE ? A) Yellow/I Yellow/I ©2010 Pines,Kubinec, Nitsche, UCB I hν hν II hν C) Blue/II Blue/II L4-13 B) Green/I Green/I Wave (length) Wave / Particle Duality (de Broglie relation) Particle (Momentum) Light c Wave h = p ©2010 Pines,Kubinec, Nitsche, UCB p Particle Duality p= h L4-15 © A.Pines, M.Kubinec, H.Nitsche, UCB 4 Chem 1A, L4: "Light: Intensity, Particles, Photons" Chem Quiz© 4.4 A photon at 400 nm splits into two. One two. at 1200 at 1200 nm, the the other other at . What is (nm)? A) 200 ©2010 Pines,Kubinec, Nitsche, UCB 400 nm 1200 nm B) 600 C) 800 L4-16 Lecture Complete ©2010 Pines,Kubinec, Nitsche, UCB L4-18 © A.Pines, M.Kubinec, H.Nitsche, UCB 5...
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