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Pinesmkubinec ucb l5 12 absorption and emission

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Unformatted text preview: .Kubinec, UCB L5-12 Absorption and Emission Spectra Electronic Transtions v ΔE = hν © 2010 A.Pines,M.Kubinec, UCB L5-13 ChemQuiz© 5.3 Shown is an energy– energy– level scheme and the emission spectrum. Which line arises from 3 1? 3 2 1 A B C E C) C L5-14 A) A © 2010 A.Pines,M.Kubinec, UCB B) B © A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 4 Chem Chem 1A L5:"Matter Waves" ChemQuiz© 5.4 To which energy-level energyscheme does the emission spectrum correspond? A) © 2010 A.Pines,M.Kubinec, UCB B) C) L5-16 Lecture Complete © 2010 A.Pines,M.Kubinec, UCB L5-18 © A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 5...
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