Kubinec apines 3 chem 1a l09 manyeatomsionizspin

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Unformatted text preview: 1A L09: "ManyEAtomsIonizSpin" Electron Spin, Magnetism Spin Little Little Magnet Magnet N Quantized Spin Q.M. Classical Q.M. ms=-1/2 Spin Down  ms=1/2 Spin Up  Electron 4 Q.N.s © 2004 M.Kubinec n, n, , m , ms L09-12 Pauli Exclusion Principle No No two electrons can have have the same set of Quantum Quantum Numbers n, n, , m , ms Hund  Hund s Rule: Degenerate Degenerate Orbitals © 2004 M.Kubinec Fermions vs. Fermions vs. Bosons Parallel Spins Lowest Energy L09-13 Lecture Complete © 2004 M.Kubinec L09-14 © 2004 M. Kubinec, A.Pines 4...
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