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ECSE 221 - Fall 2004 Midterm

ECSE 221 - Fall 2004 Midterm - Introduction to Computer...

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Introduction to Computer Engineering I Midterm October 18, 2004: 2:35-3:25 PM This exam consists of 4 pages. Answer all questions in the booklet provided, except Q6, which should be answered on the included circuit drawing (page 4) and enclosed within and returned with the exam booklet. Be sure to indicate your name and student number on everything you submit. Question 1: (2 points) A new type of memory has been developed to take advantage of multi-level voltage storage elements. Each storage elements can store 8 different voltage levels. How many bits of traditional binary information can be stored in a set of 16 of these new storage elements. Question 2: (2 points) A radar system is capable of tracking an object within a 16 km radius with a resolution of 50 m. If the distance is stored as a binary code, how many bits are necessary to store all distances that can be represented? Question 3: (6 points) Convert (–6.57 x 10 -30 ) 10 to IEEE754, maintaining the correct number of significant figures for the operation. Provide the result in hexadecimal.
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