InClassActivity06-sol - 5:32 PM Activity#06(Solution...

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2/4/03 5:32 PM ECSE-2660 Computer Architecture, Networks, & Operating Systems, Spring 2003 Page 1 of 2 Activity #06 (Solution) Activity 6.1 (first hour) Binary Arithmetic 1. (10 points) Show the following decimal numbers in signed 8-bit and 16-bit hex format: 8-bit 16-bit +92 5C 005C -92 A4 FFA4 Grading: 2pts off for each wrong value 2. (10 points) Extend the 24-bit hexadecimal number A5D010 to 32 bits, a. assuming that it is unsigned : 00A5 D010 b. assuming that it is signed : FFA5 D010 Grading: 5 if right, 0 if wrong 3. (10 points) Perform a binary multiplication as on p. 250 with unsigned binary multiplicand of 0101 2 and unsigned binary multiplier of 1001 2 . Perform the multiplication in the box provided: Grading: 2pts off for every wrong line 4. (10 points) Fill in the table, using the algorithm shown in Figure 4.26, and the same operands as in the previous question. Iteration Step Multiplier Multiplicand Product 0 1001 00000101 00000000 1 1 1001 00000101 00000101 2 1001 00001010
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InClassActivity06-sol - 5:32 PM Activity#06(Solution...

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