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CHEN 4330 – Spring 2009 Homework Assignment - 2 Due: 9am, Friday January 30 rd , 2009 Please show your work – even when using a computer! Note: All problems come from Fogler “Elements of Reaction Engineering” 4 th ed. Problems: 1. Fogler 2.4 – Analyze results of modification of Examples in chapter 2.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Folger 2.5 – Determine conversions for various arrangements of reactors. 3. Fogler 2.7 – Decomposition reaction with varying reaction order. 4. Folger 2.11 – Uncommon chemical engineering process. 5. Folger 2.12a-f – Gas solid catalyzed reaction in fluidized CSTR and PBR....
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