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CHEN 4330 – Spring 2009 Homework Assignment - 3 Due: 9am, Friday February 6 th , 2009 Please show your work – even when using a computer! This third assignment is to be turned in as groups and as individuals. Each student will do and turn in all the problems. However, only one problem from each group member, to be chosen by the group, will be graded and count towards the group score. Example: Students A, B, C and D each do their homework early Saturday morning. On Monday they meet and examine and evaluate each other’s work (You’re encouraged to teach each other, but not copy each other’s work – you give suggestions, but you don’t let them transcribe your solution.). The group then decides that student A’s problem 3, B’s problem 1, C’s problem 2 and
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Unformatted text preview: Ds problem 4 will be the group problems. Students go back and finish all four problems, and maybe meet again to discuss their work. They then each turn in their own work and a list from the group saying to grade problems 1, 2, 3 and 4 from students B, C, A and D for the group score. Note: All problems come from Fogler Elements of Reaction Engineering 4 th ed. Rembmer, if problem is tedious, it can probably be done using a computer. Computers love doing the same thing over and over again and engineers enjoy figuring out how to get computers to help them solve hard problems! Problems: 1. Fogler 2.8 2. Fogler 3.13 3. Fogler 3.14 4. Fogler 3.15...
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