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Items to Review for Final Exam Data Analysis, Fall 2009 The exam will cover pages 1 through 407 (sections 1 1 through 7 9) Chapter 1 Dot diagram Outliers Factorial designs Random samples Types of models Scatter diagrams Chapter 2 Sample mean Population mean Sample variance and standard deviation Population variance and standard deviation Know the difference between sample and population Stem and leaf diagrams Histogram Know how to determine number of bins for a histogram Box plots Time series plots Multivariate data Sample correlation coefficient Chapter 3 Discrete and continuous random variables Probability Combinations and permutations Union, intersection, complement, mutually exclusive Probability density function Cumulative distribution function Mean and variance of a probability density function Continuous distributions: normal distribution, standard normal distribution, z values, standardizing, lognormal distribution, (gamma, Weibull, beta distributions) Probability plots
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  • Fractional factorial design, mean  Sample variance, deviation  Population variance, Fractional Factorial Design Equations, alternative hypothesis  Variance, binomial  Probability mass

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Final_Exam_Review - DataAnalysis,Fall2009...

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