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Unformatted text preview: 2f24r’2009 MAE 101 A WINTER 2009 Professor Juan C. Lasheras Midterm #2 PROBLEM 1. EXTRA CREDIT (10 points) Consider a steady flow of water through a device shOWn in figure. The three cross sectional areas are equal A.= A2= A3=A. The volumetric flow rate in section l is Q1 and the mass flow rate in section 2 is m,. Calculate the velocity of the water flowing through section 3 as a function of ,0,A,éi,andrnz. xii-3 lick \ _..._t____ I —-«-—> * KT ’1 “Z PROBLEM 2. (25 points} . Two water jets of equal circular cross sections, A1=A2 and speed V1=V2 strike each other at 90° angle, as shOWn in the figure. After striking each other the jets merge into a single jet with speed V and direction 6. a) Neglecting the effect of gravity, calculate V and B. V b) Calculate V and 8 if V1=1 Ofifs and D1=0.I ft. ' PROBLEM 3 (25 points) Water flows steadily through a 90° reducing elbow as shown in the figure. At the inlet of the elbow the absolute pressure of the fluid is P] and the cross sectional area A.. At the outlet of the elbow the cross sectional area is A2 and the velocity is V2. The elbow discharges to the atmosphere (Pg: Pa). a) Determine the force required to hold the elbow in place. b) Calculate the force when Pi= 221 kPa (absolute), A1=0.01 m2, A2=0.002S m2 and V2=16 mls. __ _ __L PROBLEM 4 (25 points) Water flows steadily through a pipe bend of diameter D as shown in figure. The pressure at the entrance and exit are P] and P2 reSpectively‘ a) Compute the torque T at the point B necessary to keep the pipe from rotating for a volumetric flow rate b) Calculate T if Q=30 gala’min, D=0.?5 in, P1= 30 lbffin2 and [33:24 lb’ffin2 PROBLEM 5 (25 points) Air-flows steadily from a tank through a horizontal hose of diameter D and exits to the atmosphere from a nozzle of diameter d, as shown in figure. The pressure in the tank remains constant at P1(gage pressure) and the exit is at atmospheric conditions, at standard temperature and pressure. a) Determine the flow rate Q assuming incrompressible flow and that viscous effects can be neglected. b) Find £2 for mass m, d=0.01 m, P1: 3.0 kPa (gage). 0) Calculate the pressure in the hose, P2. 1 L PM (It? 4L . D \ll/d fl/n l l l J ____l 2” 3 ...
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