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Midterm II Questions Homeostasis 1. ______________________ is a cooling mechanism that results in extra blood flow to the skin. 2. To generate heat, thermogenin uncouples ____________ movement from ________________ production. 3. Classifications like “ectotherm” and “endotherm” are based on the _______________ of heat. Animal Hormones 1. The pancreas functions as both an _____________________ and an _____________________ gland. 2. The secretion of hormones from other endocrine glands is
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Unformatted text preview: controlled by _____________________________. 3. Cold exposure stimulates the release of ________, which has 4 __________________ atoms. Reproduction 1. In spermatogenesis, the second meiotic division occurs between ____________________ and ___________________. 2. The secretion of _______________________________ keeps the corpus luteum functional. 3. The ovarian follicle is composed of _______________________ and the ___________________....
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