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This week's reading gave me a greater insight into the circumstances and conditions that helped provide the framework for the organization of the present day United States government. The Constitution includes ideas from Republicanism, the British form of mixed government, Montesquieu and John Locke. The formation of the constitution was a tedious procedure and it was declared in 1787 even though America gained its Independence in 1776. Many problems were faced by the political leaders as at the time of Independence, America had no strong political system nor a leader to take charge of the country. The African Americans, Natives , Te Northwestern territories and the different opinions of the public only added to the instability. The Constitution alone was
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Unformatted text preview: not an end to all the problems as it left the anti- federalists unhappy and at unease. It was the addition of the Bill of Rights that brought peace to everybody and ensured America stability and upcoming progress. The bill of Rights ensured everybody of their fundamental rights and civil liberties, and we are able to experience them even today. It is due to the Bill of rights that every citizen of the United States acquires equal opportunity, fair treatment and freedom. Even though sme races are discriminated, by law everybody is equal and has equal rights. This has enable the African Americans to rise up and live a peaceful and dignified life without any stigma....
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