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ethics in research paper

ethics in research paper - Ethics in Research Educational...

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Ethics in Research “Educational researchers have good intentions, but if they are not careful, their studies can place individuals in situations that involve risk” (Gall, 1996). Data collection, and analysis, subject selection, research procedure, credibility of the researcher and the worth of the study are all ethical issues that those wishing to perform a study face. Often researchers are the victims of poor planning or inexperience and their subjects suffer for it. Subject selection has been an ethical concern for researchers. Proper procedure calls for subject selection to be equitable, fair, and random. It has been noted that in more than one instance this has not been the case. In a study regarding the quality of life of hemodialysis recipients treated with recombinant human erythropoietin several ethical questions have been raised. Researchers had opted not to use a control group that would receive a placebo because those subjects could potentially benefit from the experimental treatment. However, it was later determined that improvement from treatment was minimal, while the treatment was quite expensive. This makes the researchers previous thinking, although well intentioned, logically questionable. In addition, certain individuals who were otherwise qualified were excluded from the study because their inclusion would have made data collection and analysis more difficult. The notation of these ethical questions therefore jeopardizes the validity of the
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study as a whole. It has not researched and so reported what it originally claimed it
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ethics in research paper - Ethics in Research Educational...

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