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__________________________________________________________________________________________________ The University of Sydney Page 1 of 1 School of Electrical & Information Engineering E LEC 5203 T OPICS IN P OWER E NGINEERING Lecture 2: Questions 1. How do we define power factor in an ideal AC power system ? 2. How do we define power factor in an AC power system under the presence of harmonics ? 3. What measurements do we need to calculate the power factor under any circumstances? 4. What is negative-sequence currents in an AC power system? 5. What problems do negative-sequence currents cause? 6. What is load compensation
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Unformatted text preview: ? 7. What is power factor correction ? 8. What is voltage regulation ? 9. What is load balancing ? 10. How do we get balanced load in the electricity grid when single-phase loads are also connected? 11. What type of power factor industrial loads typically have? 12. What is the purpose of reactive power in AC power systems? 13. How do electricity utilities charge industrial customers? 14. What is the purpose of a shunt reactor ? 15. What is the puspose of a shunt capacitor ? 16. How do we define “root-mean-square” value of a given function f ( t )?...
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