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1 ELEC 5403 Laboratory 1 The Spectrum Analyser This lab introduces the operation of typical spectrum analysers and measurements in the frequency domain. Equipment. HP Spectrum analyser Rhode & Schwarz Spectrum Analyser HP or Rhode & Schwarz RF Signal Generator Function Generator Introduction You should be familiar with the operation of the oscilloscope and comfortable in thinking of waveforms in terms of their voltage variation with respect to time. In addition you should also be aware that a waveform is composed of many discrete frequencies. In order to observe the spectral content of a waveform, we need to use a spectrum analyzer. This instrument will provide a display of the frequencies making up the waveform as well as the power content of each of those frequencies. Centre The diagram shows a typical spectrum analyser display. The arrows indicate display parameters that are common to all spectrum analyzers and reflect control settings that the student should become familiar with.
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2 Terminology The Reference Level is the power or voltage level indicated by the uppermost horizontal line on the display. All readings on the display are taken with respect to this line. There will be a control that allows you to set the reference level and to select the units that you wish to use, commonly dBm, dBv, watts, or volts. The Reference or Center Frequency is the frequency indicated by the center vertical line on the display. This setting will always be in units of Hz, KHz, MHz, etc. The Span indicates the extents of the frequency range on the display. Some analysers allow you to set the Span, while others allow you to set the Span per display division (SpanlDiv). Either setting will allow you to determine how wide or narrow a frequency range you wish to
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ELEC5403_Lab_1 - ELEC 5403 Laboratory 1 The Spectrum...

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