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ELEC5403 Laboratory Notebook - 2010 Your laboratory notebook is like a diary. It will enable you to reference later the material that you have mastered. The basic requirement of a lab report is that it must stand on its own. It must contain sufficient information so that you or someone else could re-create your laboratory work even in a couple of years time. Write down everything - problems, questions, comments. Include things that did not work, what went wrong and what you did to fix the problems. At the same time don't be too verbose. Use sketches, tabulate data, present work logically and clearly. Report content– what I expect to see . A cover sheet listing the course number, laboratory topic, your name and date of the report. Reserve the first 3 pages of your laboratory book for a table of contents and any other quick reference you need. 1. A paragraph listing the laboratory objectives for each laboratory you undertake. 2.
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ELEC5403_Lab_Book_guide - ELEC5403 Laboratory Notebook -...

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