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In the future, critical thinking will affect me as a reader and writer, by disciplining the way I apply, analyze, agree, and disagree. It will affect the way I gather information and evaluating that information. You learn to pick things a part, causes, and effects. You are improving your knowledge as a critical reader and writer, by asking questions, and communicating with others in finding a solution. There is always room to improve our thinking. I will improve the way I use ideas so they come through with clarity. I will be able to read magazines, news papers, and watching certain TV programs that give out much needed information in areas I will write about.
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Unformatted text preview: I have learned to be persuasive, and use certain tones so the reader can understand what the information is I am trying to convey. I will apply critical thinking when evaluating articles, advertising, media, and conversations to be sure I can sort the truth from what is not true. I will use critical thinking to help persuade my logical thinking. I will use critical thinking to determine what types of arguments are being made. It will help me to be more unbiased and able to understand....
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