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I have many situations in which my moral values influenced my decision making. There is actually a current situation I am having with my six year old in school. He apparently has a hard time keeping from talking, he looks out the window a lot, and he has been allowed to go to the bathroom several times a day. Out of the blue his teacher calls me and explains her issues, and then suggests he is seen by his physician. I asked why she would suggest such a thing, and she explained (I feel knowing I was appalled by her question) that he may have a food allergy that makes him hyper. The reason I take my children to the Dr. they see is because he is a naturalist and is always very hesitant to prescribe anything. Here is where my moral values come in. As a mother, I have always tried to ensure my children get all the necessary foods for proper nutrition, I never offer sugary items like soda, kool-aid, or any red juices, also, I am also very hesitant to allow medicines to cure them if there are natural things they can take to help. Logically
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