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CRT205 WK4 DQ1 - treat others the way you would like them...

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The rhetorical statement that made an emotional impact on me was “Who was that young woman with the Senator last night? His niece?” This statement is an innuendo which persuades the reader to think about a suggestion without making an argument for it. This statement affects me because my largest pet peeve is ignorance and when people make suggestions or innuendos about others without knowing the true or whole story. I do not talk poorly of others, because I was always taught that you should talk about and/or
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Unformatted text preview: treat others the way you would like them to, of you. Though I care greatly about our country and the government, I hate politics. For some reason people feel the need to attack politicians about their personal business instead of facts about how they can help the country, state, or town. The persuasive motive in this statement is to suggest the Senator is with a much too young lady for him. The motive is to make him look badly....
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