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CRT205 WK3 Assignment - office, that I feel he is one of...

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In the examples I viewed the company paid for the ad. Wendy’s pays for their own advertising and CNN pays for its shows. I cannot detect a slant or secondary opinion on either of the samples. Possibly in the Wendy’s ad it may be trying to portray that their food is more economical than any other fast food restaurants. The 9/11 clip portrays society as still scared of attacks of terrorist, this can be assumed credible due to 9/11. Wendy’s states that society is always looking for a way to save, which I feel is creditable especially because of the state of the economy at this time. I am not skeptical of the sources’ creditability. Mayor Juliani did so many great things for NYC while in
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Unformatted text preview: office, that I feel he is one of the few creditable politicians. I do not detect bias in his statements, I think he portrayed what we all feel about 9/11. The Wendys ads make the claim that their menu is less expensive than other fast food restaurants. The ad plays on the fear of not being able to afford getting fast food. It targets the recent fear of the state of the economy and the market failing. The ad is trying to evoke a feeling of relief that their menu is cheaper and that their food is not at all comparable to other fast food restaurants. I would not make a purchase based on the Wendys ads, because I do not like fast food at all!...
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