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In Owens’ response he is vague in the first paragraph when he states that critical thinking affects him in all ways. This could mean several things as well as be better explained. This statement can also be discribed as ambiguous. In the second paragraph he is vague in stateing that “ has to write business rapports which can build report and be inter personal” , this too can be better explained. The third \paragraph doesn’t even make sense, that because business people he knows are always in a hurry does not mean that all business people are. This statement is also very vague. Finally the last paragraph
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Unformatted text preview: explains what types of reading business people read. He is vague in not explaining certain types of memos, articles, and reports. It seems that Owen is also a little bias and not actually a critical thinker when he states She is smart and a better writer than my uncle who is a businessman. So critical writers are better than business writers. This statement is not very well thought out or true. The last sentence is vague because he does not explain why he thinks the structure of critical writing is harder. Over all I would say that he would just need to better explain his statements....
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