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CRT205 WK1 CP - The main issue in the Coffee Break comic is...

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The main issue in the “Coffee Break” comic is work ethics. It is unethical to steal from anyone, let alone the company you work for, no matter how much the company makes in a year. Anita definitely suspended judgment before making a decision. Even after she realizes she is broke. She told her fellow worker she had to think about it, then after sitting at her desk and seeing she was broke she decides it is too risky and calls HR. I would say she used both logic and moral judgment. Logically she realizes that at some point she can get caught. Morally she feels it is not worth her job to steal. Anita made a decision to not put her job in jeopardy or to steal, and then acts on her decision and calls HR to report the issue. I don’t feel she really solved the problem, but she did solve her own moral problem by thinking about her action and decision. I use to work for a leather jacket manufacturer. Inventory was never done and the only inventory there really was were the jackets that were returned and exchanged.
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