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CRT205 WK1 Assignment 1 - torture another human The only...

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I do not agree with capital punishment. I think that there are a lot of prisoners in jail that don’t necessarily belong there. I do agree that those who commit crimes should be punished, but two wrongs to not make a right. I have a little bit of a religious background so this also comes into consideration when talking about this subject. I would say that second chances exist for a reason and some people need to be given one. Those who murder, rape, or do sever crimes definitely need to be punished more severely than others. Killing them however; may be too easy. Why not make programs to make them suffer in other ways, like extreme workouts, cleaning disgusting things, or something else that would seriously make the think about what they have done. I know that there are a lot of people who would disagree with me, but I just feel that it is wrong to kill or
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Unformatted text preview: torture another human. The only facts I can come up with to support my side is that there are still murders, rapists, and severe offenders of the law. I also have the Bible, which would be unethical of me to quote. If capital punishment was so bad, then criminals wouldn’t do the things they do. It’s not like anyone alive doesn’t know that in some states you can be put to death for certain crimes. I appear to me like some of these criminals want to get caught. I would bet that if we were to investigate most of their lives you would find they come from broken homes, were tormented somehow, or terrorized themselves. Wouldn’t some professional mental help be more beneficial? I think so. This also would give us some insight on where did society go wrong to make such an ill person go so bad....
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