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COM220WK9 Capstone CP

COM220WK9 Capstone CP - I felt as though I was trying to...

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Now that I have finished my research paper, I defiantly would be able to offer some advice to students just starting. I would tell them to read through the syllabus, ask questions about things they don’t understand, try to stay focused, interact with their peers, and try not to gather an over abundance of information for the final research paper. If I were just starting this course the things I would do differently would be to minimize the amount of research I gathered because towards the end I had to spend more time eliminating information than being able to put it together for the rough draft. I would make sure that I read the syllabus better to be able to have a better understanding of what was coming up each week.
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Unformatted text preview: I felt as though I was trying to catch up each week. I would more than definitely focus more on the reading materials and quizzes that are suggested and required for the course assignments and studying. I feel that trying to fit it into one week at times can be difficult, especially if you are taking more than one course at a time. Looking back I think this would have defiantly helped me to obtain a better grade and understanding of the course. As I said I would focus less on the amount of research I gathered. Having a lot is good to have a wider variety of information and different views, but there is a point when there is too much. I at one point had way too much....
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