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I . Most crimes are committed with the use of firearms. A. Murders occur more often with the use of firearms. 1. In the United States during 1997, there were 15,289 murders. Of these, 10,369 were committed with firearms. 2. In the United States during 1997, there were approximately 7,927,000 violent crimes. Of these, 691,000 were committed with firearms. B. The use of firearms helps to protect ourselves from crime. 1. Americans use firearms to defend themselves from criminals at least 764,000 times a year. 2. In 1982, a survey of imprisoned criminals found that 34% of them had been "scared off, shot at, wounded or captured by an armed victim." II. The Second Amendment states we have the right to bear arms. A. Firearms protect our military and our police protection. 1. As of 1998, no permit holder has ever shot a police officer. There have been several cases in which a permit holder has protected an officer's life. 2. According to Brady Center sources, Congress debated whether the Second
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