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An example of classical conditioning in my life, would be whenever I go to the doctors I get tense. This happens because I as a child and a young adult never went to the doctors and came home without something wrong. I have been conditioned to think I will find something wrong whenever I go. The stimulus is my visuals of the office when I get there as well as the smell of the office. An example of an operant conditioning that occurs in my life is to get up and let the
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Unformatted text preview: dogs out to avoid them from going potty in the house. I have learned over time that if I am lazy in the morning I end of having much more work to do in the end. The dogs actually remind me by dancing around so this reinforces my conditioning. I prefer to learn about classical conditioning. It seems so much more involuntary and we are very likely to not even know that we have been conditioned this way....
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