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Answer the following questions in 100-200 words each : 1. What are the different ways in which we evaluate people? Everyone one in some way or another relies on first impressions or schema. We judge a person initially by their facial expressions, clothing, gestures, mannerisms, tone of voice, and/or general appearance. We make assumptions or stereotypes based on another person’s appearance. A great example was the impact 9/11 had on Middle Eastern people who are Americans. I myself had a tendency to be disgruntled towards people I didn’t know just because they looked similar to those who destroyed the Twin Towers. I wouldn’t know if they were even from the Middle East. Another example is when we see a person smile; we assume that they are friendly, nice, or happy. I know that at times I can look as if I am very angry, when in fact I am just in deep thought or just busy. I have had people assume I was a mean person just from my facial expression and I am a very understanding, nice, and happy person. 2.
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