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Sociological factors that can affect a person’s behavior are friends, family, television, economical status, and overall surroundings. Peer pressure for kids affect their behavior in school, home life, and how they act with friends. How a person is raised affects them. If there is little discipline in a household or even too much can affect a person’s behavior tendencies. People who grow up in a family that is economically stable or unstable can affect behaviors. Neighborhoods or general surroundings affect a person’s behavior as well. In chapter 15 Social Psychology is defined as the study of the ways that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of a person can be influenced by real, fantasy, or indirect behavior or individuality of other people.
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Unformatted text preview: This means that some people are leaders and some are followers. Some people take their surroundings and learn how to make their lives different and some learn how to live their lives the same. Good or bad sociological factors affect people differently. My own sociological factors make me strive to be modest, conservative, and my own individual. When I was younger and still unable to define who I was as an individual I would try to emulate the people around me. At some point I realized striving to be someone else does not allow how I am to be individual. I now have two children to look to me to learn how to behave. My children are definitely the biggest factor of my life in terms of my behaviors....
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