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Two aspects of my life that I have strong attitudes towards are smoking and the use of expensive laundry soap. I grew up in a household with both of my parents smoking. I am the youngest of three and I adored my older siblings. My sister at one point began to smoke, and because my parents and now my sister smoked I felt my attitude towards smoking was wrong. Obviously in school they teach that it is a very addictive drug and can cause all sorts of illnesses. When first learning these things in school I would beg my mother to quit. As I grew older and then found my sister smoking I decided my attitude, which was not good towards smoking, was incorrect. Now I have been smoking a grand total of 19 years. I think that if I had not had such a social influence as well as that influence seeming to be the norm, I could have avoided my struggle now to quit. While growing up, there were times my family had struggled. I never realized until I was much older because we always had the necessities and fun. Even when my parents began to
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