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BEH225 WK1 DQ2 - When I went to college initially I was in...

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I feel my gender, race, and ethnicity has affected my behavior throughout my life time. As a female, I have been very feminine towards my looks, feelings, and my surroundings. As a white Caucasian my facial features resemble most white Americans, I was raised a Roman Catholic, and I also am a residence of the United States of America. My ethnicity causes me to eat certain things I was raised to know, do things like celebrate American holidays, and enjoy American sports.
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Unformatted text preview: When I went to college initially I was in a situation where there were many different races, ethnicities, and genders. I noticed that everyone does things differently. Men are more masculine and they seemed to be more focused on looking like a man than school. Certain races tended to stick within their own race and even once I was teased for being white. Ethnically I was introduced to many different holidays, foods, and even sports....
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