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1 11/9/2008 1 18: Meiosis: Lecture 18 November 10 11/9/2008 2 Outline Consequences of meiosis [Freeman section 12.2] Segregation of homologs (alleles for the same trait end up in different gametes) Independent [random] assortment of homologs (gametes end up with a mix of maternal & paternal chromosomes) The role of crossing over Mistakes [F section 12.4] Nondisjunction of homologs or sister chromatids 11/9/2008 3 Next lecture: patterns of inheritance Mendel and the gene Ch 13 13.1 single traits: principle of segregation 13.2 two traits: principle of independent assortment Genotype Phenotype Dominant Recessive Connect the pattern with the process of meiosis 11/9/2008 4 Homologous chromosomes pair during Prophase I
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2 11/9/2008 5 LE 13-11 Prophase I of meiosis Tetrad Nonsister chromatids Chiasma, site of crossing over Recombinant chromosomes Metaphase I Metaphase II Daughter cells 11/9/2008 6 Crossing over Chiasmata form between non sister chromatids 11/9/2008 7 Chiasma (plural = chiasmata) an_function/courses/biochem/ wenger/mitosis_meiosis.htm 11/9/2008 8 Crossing over (Freeman Figure 12.7)
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BIO18-Mistakes&CrossoveWEB - Outline 18 Meiosis...

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