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1 11/11/2008 1 BIO152: Introduction to the pattern of inheritance Lecture 19 November 12 11/11/2008 2 Topic outline for the next few lectures ± Today & Monday—Mendel’s laws of inheritance [Freeman 13.1,13.2 & 13.3] ± Wednesday (November 19) —sex-linked inheritance [Freeman 13.4] & Incomplete or codominance [p 282-283] ± Monday & Wednesday (Nov 24 & 26)— human inheritance with pedigrees [Freeman 13.6] 11/11/2008 3 Outline: Patterns of Inheritance ² Patterns of Inheritance: Single traits ± heritable ‘determinates’ are particulate, not blended ± Principle of segregation ± Monohybrid cross ² Punnett squares & probability ² Patterns of Inheritance for double traits ± Principle of independent assortment ± Dihybrid cross ² Use specific types of crosses to predict & confirm inheritance pattern ² Test cross ² Reciprocal cross 11/11/2008 4 Inheritance (transmission genetics) Inheritance (or heredity) is the transmission of traits from parents to offspring A trait is any characteristic of an individual Population genetics—studies the relative frequency of alleles in populations (lab 4)
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2 11/11/2008 5 Essential terms ± PHENOTYPE: the physical appearance ( expression of trait ) ± GENOTYPE: the genetic constitution consisting of all alleles of all genes tested. (& also the specific alleles for a trait e.g., AA or Aa) ± GENE: a unit of inheritance - each gene occupies a LOCUS. ± ALLELE: The different forms of a gene 11/11/2008 6 Genetic model = set of hypotheses to explain how a particular trait is inherited 11/11/2008 7 Alternative Hypotheses for inheritance at the time of Mendel 1. Blended inheritance—traits from both parents blend together 2.
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BIO19-Inheritance1WEB - Topic outline for the next few...

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