BIO 22-Human%20Pedigree

BIO 22-Human%20Pedigree - Outline: Human pedigree or family...

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1 11/14/2008 1 22-Human Pedigrees Lecture 22 November 24 11/14/2008 2 Outline: Human pedigree or family tree (Text: Freeman Ch 13.7) Family trees instead of experimental crosses Recognizing patterns: Autosomal recessive Autosomal dominant X-linked recessive Constructing pedigrees Calculating probabilities 11/14/2008 3 ± QUIZ for Tutorial will cover sex-linked inheritance and pedigrees Open the figures BEFORE starting the quiz---I have used both PPT and PDF formats 11/14/2008 4 Inheritance patterns in humans ± We can’t do test crosses, reciprocal crosses, etc. ± Instead we must piece together information based on family history
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2 11/14/2008 5 Sample pedigree 11/14/2008 6 Reading a pedigree 1. Males are always represented by square symbols 2. Females with circular symbols. 3. A line drawn between a square and a circle represents a mating of that male and female. (male on left) 11/14/2008 7 1. Generations are connected by a vertical line extending down from the mating line to the next generation. 1. Each generation is numbered to the left of the sibship line with Roman Numerals. Individuals in each generation are numbered sequentially, beginning on the left, with Arabic Numerals. 2.
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BIO 22-Human%20Pedigree - Outline: Human pedigree or family...

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